Join Amelia Bedelia and her friends in a brand new chapter!

Amelia Bedelia is joined by her friends in this brand new chapter!

Amelia Bedelia is back with new chapter books! In this new series, she and her friends embark on their latest adventures like guessing what’s been buried in their school’s time capsule and finding a cat stuck up in a tree! With Amelia Bedelia, anything can happen―and it usually does! Join her and her friends in this next installment.

Did you wish Amelia Bedelia a happy 50th birthday?

Celebrate 50 years of Amelia Bedelia in this retrospective video featuring the authors, illustrators, and everyone’s favorite dressed chicken.

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“No child can resist Amelia [Bedelia] and her literal trips through the minefield of the English language—and no adult can fail to notice that she’s usually right when she’s wrong.”
—The New York Times Book Review