Meet Amelia Bedelia

Meet Young Amelia Bedelia

Meet Amelia Bedelia! She’s shorter and she’s younger than the one you know, but she’ll make you laugh all the same!

Amelia Bedelia has been cracking up readers for fifty years. Find out what she was like as a child, and why she is the way she is, in these picture books and chapter books about Amelia Bedelia’s adorably confused childhood.

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Amelia Bedelia’s “First” Picture Books
Amelia Bedelia Chapter Books

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Meet Classic Amelia Bedelia

The grown-up Amelia Bedelia is a housekeeper who also plays many other roles: teacher, student, political candidate, amateur rocket scientist, baseball player, babysitter, librarian, musician, doctor, camper, construction worker . . . and the list continues! She does exactly what you tell her to do—so be careful what you say.

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